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- Links to other aviation web sites -

Airliner-Photos.de Viktor Dreger's aviation photography website, mainly from Frankfurt (German only)
Charliebravo.de Carsten Blümel's aviation photography page (German only)
Airlinersite.com Lukas Kirchner's web site with aircraft information and photos (English and German)
PlanePics.org Tis Mayer's web site with aircraft photos and reports (English and German)
Munich-Aviation.de Max Teuber's web site with photos from Munich and many other airports (English)
HAM-spotting.de Sven Ole's page with photos and news, mainly from Hamburg airport (German only)
Luis Tena Fotografia Luis' web site with some great photos from Mexico (Spanish only)
Airlinerlist.com Production lists covering more than 50,000 air frames